We all have a friend or loved one who can’t get past a certain loss or fear or disappointment. They keep circling back to the same place of struggle no matter how encouraging your conversations together seem to be. Those moments are frustrating as a friend or family member who wants to see freedom happen. But a main key to freedom resides in the desire to take the necessary steps, on your own, toward a God-given destiny. However, you can still help your friend get there.

Knowing your purpose and being able to identify the unique gifts that God has given to you, will utterly and completely change your life. My new book, 60 Days of Purpose: A Devotional Journey to Define Your Destiny & Achieve True Success, is a tool that could bring about the change you, your friends or your loved ones need. Each of the 60 Days is a journey, not only into self discovery, but into discovering what God says and thinks about you. There is a quick, encouraging word, then some questions to guide you on a deep dive of discovery followed by a declaration you can speak over yourself all day long. This book is a roadmap to freedom and purpose.

60 Days of Purpose is a companion book to The Promise of Purpose, but it can also be a stand alone. If you already have copy for yourself, consider getting one for a friend who needs the self-discovery and freedom possible from 60 Days of Purpose. Get your copies in time for Christmas delivery, you will be glad you did. 


Karen Conrad