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Karen Conrad’s life purpose is... Bringing Vision to Reality

Karen applies her purpose in everything she does. Whether it involves starting and building a successful business, creating a beautiful home for your family or overcoming debilitating fear, Karen can help you step into your destiny. You were created with a unique purpose by God and Karen wants to help you find that purpose then walk it out with success.

Reach Financial Freedom & Create a Lasting Legacy

Join us for the semiannual WealthBuilders Real Estate Workshop

October 14-16, 2022 | Denver, CO


Are you looking to expand your small business, but you need to refine your vision or re-work your business plan? One 30-minute consultation could be the beginning of the business transformation you have been waiting for.

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Karen’s teachings span a broad range of Biblical studies and include helpful companion curricula to be used privately or while leading a small group.

Karen has combined her need for an artistic outlet with her real estate experience and created an HGTV style program. Her fix and flip instructional videos include information on how to choose a property, how to find a contractor, itemized costs for remodels and so much more.

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Find out about safe havens for your cash, inflation and protecting the value of your dollars, the similarities and significant differences in the market today, exit strategies and more!

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Business leader training and corporate reorganization are only a few of the tools in Karen’s wheelhouse. Facilitating growth through her proven systems can produce the dramatic results that have been eluding your organization.


Get Karen's Fear Not 21 Day Devotional with any donation

Fear Not 21 Day Devotion includes 44 pages of daily insights, activations, and faith affirmations to help you experience true peace and freedom from fear.

Get Karen's Complete Fear Not Package with any donation over $50

The complete Fear Not Package includes instant access to 10 Fear Not Videos/Audios, PowerPoint PDF, 21 Day Fear Not Devotional, and downloadable Study Guide. Notes and Scriptures.


Karen Conrad