Are you pursuing the dreams God has given you? Are you allowing roadblocks and discouragement to have more power in your life than the Word of God? In cooperating with God, you have the tools and the power through faith and love to walk fearlessly toward your success. You have the power of choice–no one can stop you from being successful except you–and you are not a victim. 

You can conquer worry, be decisive, be a life-long learner and handle criticism by grabbing these powerful keys to walking out a life of success.

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Every difficulty can be an opportunity for success when you understand God’s love and plan for you. Who do you want to agree with today, the voice of discouragement or the voice of the Father?

Let me encourage you to seek out and develop these Keys to Success in both your personal and professional lives. You have the opportunity to see the hand of God open doors and direct your life toward hope and joy. Enthusiasm, positivity, commitment to excellence, persistence and perseverance are among the many tools found in Scripture that are keys to success in life. Line yourself up with the Word of God and everything you ever dreamed will be possible. The key to your success is in your hand. Step out and pursue the dreams God has given you!

Living the keys,

Karen Conrad


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