Are you in a season that’s ending?

Are you in a season that should’ve ended, but you’re just hanging on because of the comfort level there?

There will be times when success will look different depending on your time and season of life. For example, in my twenties, with my first job out of college, I was just happy to have a job where I could pay rent and buy a car without help from my dad. Success for me was moving into a position where I had some autonomy and some responsibility. Twenty years later that would not have looked like success to me. I was in a totally different season.

Then there was the season my son Levi was born. It was important for me to be a good mom, so an executive travel schedule wouldn’t have looked like success when my primary responsibility was raising my son. Seasons change periodically, and it can be confusing. But first things first. You need to have the Word of God as a foundation in your life. As you strive to follow the Word, you’ll be able to grab hold of the Lord for strength. You’ll grow through the comfort of the Holy Spirit, through Bible teachings, through sharing stories, and through learning from others’ experiences. There are people currently in positions where you could conceivably be in two or three years. Ask questions, and learn how they got there. But above all, know that the foundation is the Word of God.

Whatever your season may be, trust the Lord’s timing in your life. Father make us ready for any transition you have for us today.

Is Salvation a One-Time Event?

When we use Bible verses to interactively communicate with God, we see, understand, and experience His reality. Today we celebrate that “salvation” (the eternal state of our souls) is a one-time event! Let’s also celebrate that God helps us walk out the process of salvation and gives us fresh experiences of His salvation and deliverance every moment of every day! How glorious, indeed! Let’s pause and receive this beautiful gift.

“What a glorious God! He gives us salvation over and over, then daily he carries our burdens!” -Psalm 68:19 (TPT)

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