This week in the Vision To Reality series The Promise of Purpose, we are continuing to look at Chapter 5: Glass Ceilings Shattered On Purpose. Are you believing lies in your life today? What have you allowed to take root in your mind that could cause you to agree with the enemy instead of the truth of the Word of God? You can choose to take your mind, will and emotions and line them up with truth to shatter glass ceilings in your life.

There may also be limitations in your life due to a misplaced focus on your shortcomings instead of a focus on the things the Lord has done in your life. You can shatter glass ceilings by avoiding self-reliance and self-righteousness and remaining humble in receiving what God has done for you. Don’t live with a glass ceiling that limits you to your own abilities but see yourself the way God sees you, with no limits.


Walking in Truth,

Karen Conrad