Starting this past February, Level Up Ladies has been hosting free webinars every month. In alignment with the vision of LUL, we have joined together with business-minded ladies who are determined to see success through Biblical principles and connection. 

With Inspiration, Information and Innovation for business women in mind, we have addressed subjects specifically pertaining to struggles, challenges and goals we have heard from you. All 5 webinars are available for streaming at your convenience on YouTube. You can rewatch them to be sure you gleaned all the valuable information, or send the links to your friends, co-workers and business partners.


What’s Your Business?
Where Are You Now and Where Do You Want to Be?

Developing a Side Hustle That Works For You

The Need for Women in Business
Calling Women Higher Into Leadership

Be Your Own Boss

Multiple Revenue Streams
Creatively Growing Your Income

The webinars have comments and questions from Level Up Ladies participants and free downloads of the PowerPoint notes that Karen Conrad uses in the teaching section. Several sessions have guest business women who have given valuable perspectives from their own experiences. Stream at your leisure and be sure to register for the July webinar.

Level Up Ladies

Karen Conrad


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