Did your mother ever tell you “Every little bit helps”? Well the same principle works with remodeling, reimagining, or refocusing all or part of your home. And I want you to know that you really can Do-It-Yourself, even though many DIY projects are beyond the means and ability of the average (non-construction type) person. I have compiled a quick video and list of 15 remodeling updates that will give your rooms a designer look without a designer price. For example #5:

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INSTANT ACCESS & Download 15 Remodeling Tips Under $500: Included is a PDF download and instant video access to nearly 20 minutes of step-by-step detailed instructions.

I have spent many many hours staging, remodeling and reviving homes that were for sale. These tips I am sharing come from years of getting the most value out of spending the least amount of time and money. Take some time, think about the purpose of each room and ask the Lord to help you see the steps needed to revitalize your home. He will help you and you can do it yourself, for sure!

Reimagining today,

Karen Conrad