Are you tired of using the same Christmas decor you have packed away for 20 years? Do you spend your holiday free time flipping through Pinterest to find ideas for new decor? Wouldn’t we all love to have our dinner table look like a page from a Christmas magazine? Karen and Dave have done some super fun Christmas Decor videos while finishing up filming for Sweet Tea Hospitality. Watch for those clips to go live soon!

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Keep watch on our YouTube channel to see the entire Christmas video featuring fireplace/mantel decor and simple but elegant table settings. You can transform your everyday dinner table into a welcoming Christmas wonderland for your family and friends. Sweet Tea Hospitality is an HGTV type show all about bringing inspiration to your heart and your home. Join us for a free episode of Sweet Tea Hospitality. You won’t be sorry you did!

Christmas Greetings,

Karen and Dave

PS. Don’t forget Episode 18 of the Promise of Purpose is available on YouTube this week.