Hello, friends!

This book is a compilation of the beautiful truths the Lord has made real in my life since the day I discovered my purpose and allowed the Lord to work in and through me to achieve His success. The Promise of Purpose is now available wherever your favorite books are sold, but we have a special merch bundle prepared for you here. I invite you to take a journey with me that will change your life. Discovering your purpose is easier than you think and you will never regret the decision to step into your destiny.


Amazing isn’t a Strong Enough Word!

I read Karen’s book and appreciated the clarity, insight, and her ability to communicate spiritual concepts with practical next steps for personal application. I also feel more empowered as a dad to help our children discover and develop their full potential. I went to her website and found an additional package that includes: Prayer Declarations, Journal, Book marker and pen. The pen actually writes very smoothly. I can even join the Promise to Purpose FB community. I’m excited about this purposeful adventure!

A personal, Actionable Guide to a Purposeful Life.

I got a lot out of this book, the two biggest things you will learn are:

1. Realizing just how crucial living a life of “purpose” is to finding joy in this life
2. How to discover and fulfill that God-given purpose

I don’t have to tell you just how life changing this topic is to living a meaningful life. I strongly recommend buying this book!!

Practical easy-to-use God-given Strategies for your Life

Wherever you are in life, if you own your own business, are in ministry, work in retail, or are homeschooling your kids – God has a plan for you. You have strengths — gifts — that God has given you and you can impact others. In this book – there are actionable items and strategies, even free downloads – which arm you with the next steps to the everyday challenges and activities you face. An easy read with easy-to-remember headlines throughout, a great purchase and I’ll be giving copies as gifts to my family and business colleagues.

Inspired And Ready To Move Ahead

Karen’s book and stories have encouraged me tremendously. Her ability to inspire and instill courage is key to her fulfilling HER purpose in my life! In this book you’ll find several tools and practical steps to overcome hinderances as well as how to believe for God’s best for you life. Karen’s advice is guided by the Holy Spirit which makes it a no-fail strategy as I grow in trusting God with His promise of purpose for my life. This book is a blessing!

This Book will Change your Life

Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2021So many parts of this book blew me away. I feel encouraged in who I am and the purpose God created specifically for me. After reading this book I feel equipped to overcome fear and break through glass ceilings I now have tools to see for what they are. I plan to read it again to be able to internalize all the wisdom inside.


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