Entertaining friends and family is a pleasure during the holiday season, but can be a joy any time. Dave and Levi and I created some fun family activities that culminated in a Winter Wonderland Centerpiece with table settings that we want to share with you. Here are the steps:

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Shopping in your own home is the beginning step and encompasses all the other steps. You can use almost anything you have around the house with a little dye, paint, oil, polish, and random creativity. We dyed material, sanded scrap wood, painted wooden houses, decorated wooden ornaments and polished the silverware. You can find old items that need to be repurposed and spend very little cash to turn your table into a winter wonderland.

Keep your eyes alert for half price holiday items, family heirlooms that you can give an upgrade and greenery from your own backyard (rosemary is very easy to grow even in a pot). The steps required to create this winter wonderland centerpiece were also steps that created memories for our whole family. Remember, the joy of entertaining friends and family can be spread out over many days as you plan and create to be able to bless those who enter your home with the inspiration and hospitality that God has blessed you with. 

We would love to hear from you and see how your Winter Wonderland Centerpiece turns out. Send us a picture to info@karenconrad.net or message us on Facebook. And don’t forget to check out Sweet Tea Hospitality: The Coastal Cottage on Liftable TV.

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