Once upon a time a real estate agent observed the way empty houses took much longer to sell than houses which still had occupants. Since it can’t be guaranteed a house will still be occupied when it goes on the market, real estate agents everywhere got creative. Solutions ranged from having the family leave a few items in the house, to moving a completely unrelated family into the house until it was sold. I have a team member who did this last one for several years if you want to ask her about it. The industry has settled on home staging as the most profitable solution for buyer, seller and agent. And with so much of the process transpiring digitally, staging for online photographs is vital.

I unexpectedly started home staging after I heard the Lord tell me to start a home staging business. At the time, I had to ask Him what it was exactly, but He was faithful to use my creativity and business experience to develop a thriving startup while I lived in Colorado. There are impressive sales statistics connected to the effectiveness of staging a home versus selling it ‘as is’ or empty, and you can google for the most up-to-date numbers. I have since then been using my home stagingtechniques as a method to increase the value of our rental properties. You can see several tips from our remodels, including the staging, on my YouTube channel. Also, enjoy a free download, 15 Remodeling Tips Under $500. You can find it linked below.


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Our most recent property will be launching soon into the vacation rental market in Florida. We called it 165 for various reasons, not the least of which being the house number, but it has now been dubbed Cocoa Villa. My team is fired up to share the process and if you follow our social media, you have probably already seen some teasers. Stay tuned for the startling transformation and the beautiful end result. You don’t want to miss it.

Home Staging for days,

Karen Conrad