The Old Master Bathroom

As I walked through the historic English Tudor with the lovely elderly couple that had decided it was time to downsize, I could only imagine what the house once was years earlier when it, and its owners, were in the prime of their life. The home is over 6,000 square feet with the wallpaper still on the walls from the 70’s, talk about going back in time. The first victory was staging their old master bathroom.

Master Bathroom After Image
The home had become too much for the couple to take are of, which was evident as she graciously took me room by room despite the clutter, dirt and dust that had gathered in the areas of rooms that were no longer feasible to use, and outdated decor that remained in all the rooms.  It was like time had stopped at this house, and all the furnishings  refused to move forward with the clock.

Before image of Master Bathroom

I was up for the challenge, and knew it was time to bring life back into the house, and pride of ownership back to the couple.I will be sharing several rooms with you, and am starting with the before and after of the master bathroom. I hope you agree the transformation was evident.

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