A side hustle, by its description, is something in addition to what you currently do. Whether it is a money-making plan in addition to your current full-time job, or your current part-time job, or your current stay-at-home job, it is, by definition, extra. Most women don’t feel they have the bandwidth to add anything extra to their lives, but they have a desire to do something that makes a difference. The work a woman does at home is always making a difference, not only in her own life but in the life of her family (whatever her family looks like). However, the desire to make a difference outside the home flows out of the purpose God placed inside you, before you were born.

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When I was working on the phone lines for a ministry, I was making a difference, but I wasn’t making enough money to live on. I heard the Lord tell me I should start a home staging business and I had to ask Him what that was. I already had the skills required: business background, real estate proximity, marketing savvy, and an idea I thought could sell houses quicker. The Lord didn’t give the whole plan to me all at once (too overwhelming), but He led me into the adventure one step at a time. He walked alongside me until home staging was no longer my side hustle, but had become my ‘main hustle’ even after a promotion at the ministry. This side/main hustle allowed me to continue working with the ministry, making a difference in the Kingdom. 

My team and I want to help you walk into your destiny. It could very well start out with a side hustle. Join us next week for the Level Up Ladies free webinar: Developing a Side Hustle That Works For You, on March 28, 2023 at 7pm CST. 

See you then,

Karen Conrad