Your home is quite possibly the biggest asset that you possess, as well as the place you have likely displayed your family memories and personal tastes.  It can be difficult to see your home as anything less than ideal for a potential buyer with all your personal touches, but once you have made the decision to put your home up for sale, it is very important that you view your property differently, and accept the fact that the way we live in our homes is very different than the way we sell our homes. It is no longer your home, but rather a house—a product for sale—and you want to achieve its maximum dollar value.  This means we must detach from our home, and any mindsets that might limit us in thinking that a buyer should like our house the way it is. We can open our minds, and seek the advice and suggestions of the experts whose profession is to achieve maximum sales on our house listing.

Real estate agents often get caught in the middle of a seller’s expectation to sell their home for top dollar (or often higher than the market top dollar) without an understanding that their home must undergo a transition from being your family’s home to becoming a house that looks more like a model home than their personal haven.  That’s where a professional home stager (re-designer) can help; by transitioning your house into a marketable home with their expertise. This positions you to receive the best price in the shortest amount of time on the market.  The cost of a professional stager is generally much less than a price reduction! And sellers that feed the need for this change before the initial listing of their home will benefit greatly.