Making Your Home Marketable

We live in a world of HGTV, which has raised expectations of buyers, as they view homes to purchase.  A seller that recognizes this and invests in making their home marketable as described in Part I of The Importance of Making Your Home Marketable, will have an edge over other sellers with similar properties.  Real Estate is a big business, and just as any other business, we must be wise and market to our buyers by showing them the creative potential your listing has.  Because most buyers first shop on the internet for their new home, it is critical that their first impression in viewing your home is a  positive, memorable one that causes your listing to stand out as a marketable property.

Humility may be required by the seller when listing their home to best position themselves in the market. Yes, that is exactly what I am saying – humility!  Those that humbly accept the help of experts, especially prior to the initial listing, will be best positioned to sell their home quickly for the best price.

Remember, your real estate agent and home stager (re-designer) are on your team pulling for the same outcome:  To have your listing SOLD in the least amount of time, and for the BEST price!

More to come on Friday!