It isn’t a regular business practice to tell clients you have never had any formal training, but that is the truth of my life. I started my home staging business with a love for all things beautiful and a banking career that was on hold. I heard the Lord say, start a home staging business and after I researched what exactly a home staging business was, I went for it.

Granted, there was a LOT of learn-as-you-go happening, but there was also a LOT of wisdom and grace I received directly from the Lord. Even after years of using these skills in various ways, both personal and professional, I still count on the Lord to guide and direct my decisions.

Looking back, I’m grateful to the Lord for the wisdom to document what I was doing and why. There are skills He gave me that I have no idea how I could have learned—things like how to find balance in a room, what items add weight to a space, how to draw attention toward a feature or away from a feature and how to bring peace into a home. There are times when I just know it feels right. I still spend plenty of time looking at magazines and websites for ideas, trending colors/fabrics and where to get the best value for the money. But my main source of inspiration is the Lord. To capture His beauty and peace in a home or even in a room can change everything. 

Many of the things I documented, some of the forms I created (my purpose includes creating systems), the reasons why certain pieces work and others don’t, these things and much more are included in my home staging book, 7 Seconds: How To Leverage The Seven Second Rule In Your Home Designs and Real Estate Investments Second Edition. 

You can pre order your hardcover copy today at the link below and receive a special gift when your book arrives. Be one of the first in line to order this beautiful book full of step-by-step instructions to design, stage and present your properties at their very best! I can’t wait for you to see it!

Happy July 4 Weekend!