Busy families, busy schedules, busy lives. This seems to be the dilemma playing out in every home, in every car, in every community. How can we take care of our families, take care of ourselves and take care of our businesses without running ourselves ragged in the process? 

Doesn’t the pace of today’s world just add to the anxious and fearful thoughts that try to distract you? Could you use a little relief from the stress of doing all the things and keeping all the plates spinning? Would you like to hear from someone who has been where you are and lived to tell about it? You could be walking free from those fearful thoughts saying you will never be good enough, or smart enough or strong enough. Karen Conrad teaches a series called Fear Not that has the potential to change your life.

 There is more great news, too. Our team has designed something easy as pie, especially for you. Few of us have the time or energy to sit through a series of teachings, even though we know it will help. But we have set up an audio series with its own player that is available on your phone at any time. There is no signing up or creating an account. You can listen to Karen Conrad teach about overcoming fear and be transformed on your way to the office or on your morning jog.

 Click the link to get this simple audio series that could be the beginning of living your life without anxiety or fear. 

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