For entrepreneurs, November is the time to start thinking about business strategies for the new year. So, in this episode of The WealthBuilders Podcast, Karen Conrad covers 6 revenue streams for a profitable business in 2023. You all learn how to determine which revenue streams are accelerating, decelerating, and tanking, plus how to think creatively about forming new ones.

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6 Revenue Streams for a Profitable 2023

1. Leverage Current Assets: What assets do you have that have revenue potential today? Sometimes we have assets that are just sitting around idly. If we thought about it, we could actually apply a revenue stream.

2. Contract vs. Full-Time Employees: What expenses in team members can you leverage?

3. Maximize Current Products and Services: What do you currently offer that can be leveraged through adding channels to your offering?

4. Training or Coaching: Can you create training from your daily activities?

5. Books and Literature: What do you do that could provide good content for books or other forms of literature?

6. Conferences and Events: Does your team or network have expertise that could provide great content for a conference or workshop?