10 Steps to Stage A Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the most critical rooms to stage, especially if you live in the home while you are trying to sell.

Here are 10 steps for staging your master bedroom:

1. Store away personal effects and personal artwork, unless it conveys the feeling you are trying to express in this room. You will be removing any sign of nightgowns, robes, photos, makeup, and books—unless, of course, you are trying to make use of one of these items, such as a book or perfume, as a decorative item to match your theme of décor or as a product placement item. In fact, the master bedroom should have no personal items at all. The buyer should not feel as though they are invading your privacy through the personal items inside the room.

2. In terms of furniture placement, there are a few techniques you can use. Try placing the bed at an angle for vacant homes in order to create something more spacious and more visually appealing. You could also try adding some chairs and tables so that a large master bedroom does not feel so empty.

3. The bed should be made neatly, and the covers should look new or luxurious.

4. To add a dramatic splash of color, simply add some decorative, colorful pillows to the bed over the bed­spread, then tie that color in with the flowers you choose, drapery, artwork, and/or accessories.

5. You may want to add a throw to the foot of the bed or on a chair to tie it all together.

6. You could use linen spray or scented candles in the room to keep it smelling beautiful. You can find some of these items at your local dollar store, and the small investment will yield maximum benefit. These atmospheric solutions will contribute to the sense of fresh beauty that should emanate from the master bedroom.

7. Open windows during the day when possible to be sure the master bedroom has a nice, fresh, clean scent and is well aerated so that it does not smell stuffy.

8. Make the room feel open and bright, and let in as much natural light as possible.

9. Flank the bed with lamps to create softness and coziness. Light does wonders, especially lamps with soft white light bulbs. Changing the lighting of the room is a great technique to add brightness or to create a romantic feeling for the room.

10. The bedroom should be extremely clean—be sure to get rid of any old bedding or rugs in the room. Dust and clean every part of your room and furniture.

BEFORE of a Mountain Master Bedroom:

AFTER of Mountain Master Bedroom:

Another successful sale where home staging made all the difference!