Do you ever have a phrase going around in your head on repeat, just waiting for a response? Some question that makes you think about what you are currently doing or maybe about what else you could be doing? Something like: Still doing the same thing eh—is it time to change or stop? Is this project still effective? Why are we doing this again? Everything in life is not about ROI (Return on Investment) but many things are. Even in our personal life we need to evaluate where we expend our energy based on the outcomes we want to reap.

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Throughout life I have discovered that much of what is accomplished in life begins one day at a time. The beginning of the year is a good time to take stock of daily routines (are they bearing the fruit you want to see). I am not a new year’s resolution type person, but I do believe in regularly taking an overview of what I am and am not doing, then submitting it to the Lord with open hands. When you lay everything on the table and allow the Lord to tell you what to pick up, you can be assured of success. 

My team and I re-evaluated everything we were involved in this past year. It was painful, but almost immediately there was a sense of freedom. We let some things go (a little reluctantly) but it made space for new things—coming soon. We can’t wait to tell you about it.

Be assured. You can trust the hand of the Lord. Always.

Trusting and letting go,

Karen Conrad