Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are enjoying family, good food and some well deserved rest. Of course, I am only talking to the Level Up Ladies who are in the USA. Thanksgiving is exclusively American and we do love our turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie. For those of you who are not watching football or just those of you who missed our Tuesday webinar discussing mentorship, you can watch it anytime HERE.

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Whether you are participating in a day set aside for giving thanks or you are looking forward to the holidays next month, a heart of gratitude can change your outlook. Circumstances, business or personal, look different when viewed from a grateful heart. The Lord is good, all the time. If fear or anxiety are permeating a situation, take a moment and center your thoughts on the goodness of God. He is more invested in your success than you are. There is always something to be thankful for. His steadfast love endures forever.

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Happy Thanksgiving,

Karen Conrad

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