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Utilizing expertise in marketing and interior design, 7 Seconds specializes in selling real-estate listings. Using décor and staging to emphasize the positive features of a house and minimize the negative features this skilled approach reduces cost by avoiding expensive remodeling projects.  7 Seconds has experienced overwhelming success with listings on the market for 100 days or more resulting in countless homes going under contract in 6 days or less.

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How To Stage Your Home for Success

Turn Your House into a Beautiful Home

 7 Seconds, is full of practical home staging steps and templates you can use to bring out the fullest potential in your home without the extra costs of remodeling. Order a copy from our online store today.


Learn to Home Stage

Learn to stage real-estate listings or transform your house by drawing on proven experience and expertise. Through 7 Seconds you will learn how to recognize negative and positive features in a home and how to set up staging in a way that creates a memorable experience for buyers or visitors. There are also great tips to help you save money and overcome real-life home staging challenges. Visit Karen’s Life Blog or order 7 Seconds to learn more.

Stage My House

Do you want to sell a listing fast with minimal costs and maximum return on investment? Request a custom quote for staging services in the contact form above.

Speaking & Workshops

7 Second Home Selling System® debuted live at Macy’s Furniture Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Karen Conrad is a real estate certification instructor for classes held in Colorado Springs and Denver, CO, as well as nationwide for world-renown online and in-person real estate education companies. For more information fill in the above form and check out Upcoming Events.

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Jodi Bohenna

Realtor, Keller Williams

“I like Karen because she has great inventory and her sense of style is very modern; everything she does is very current… The staged properties sell at a higher price too; it is money well spent.”

Ted Byer

Directing Manager, SHS

“It is duplicatable and it is measurable; when you stage with Karen your homes sell quicker.”



“I think you would be very happy with Karen’s work – she is very talented and honest…. the seller was pleased. My property went under contract with the 2nd or 3rd showing! It was fun to watch it happen!”



“I want to blast out that our house went under contract, and credit your fantastic staging efforts. YEAH! I know it was your touch that made this happen quickly and successfully.”

Home Staging Tip from Karen

“I always use simple, black round placemats (you can buy these at Wal-Mart for under $5 each) and create clusters of décor so that the buyer’s eyes will pleasingly bounce across the room just the way I want them to see the home.” – Karen Conrad