Create Simplicity in Your Business

Many businesses today are stuck holding a big vision, but lacking the insights or time to determine where to start and how to move forward from there to where they want to be. This program of systems and templates creates simplicity in your business, recognizes opportunities, builds a growth plan, and brings results. Having worked with a variety of organizations, businesses, and churches to facilitate their growth we have proven this system truly does produce results.

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Consultation Pricing Levels

Level 1

2 Hour Consultation: general assessment and written recommendation ($300

Level 2

Level 1+ 4 Hour Marketing Strategic Planning Session and completed template that includes setting strategies, strategic actions, 1, 3, and 5 year benchmarks, and defining next steps ( $1,200)

Level 3

Level 1 and 2+ 1 Year Marketing Plan to support Level 2, includes monthly 1 hour project planning calls and monthly 1 hour consultation calls ($4,000– $26,000 paid up front and $200 a month for 12 months)

Why it Produces Results

Every business is unique and has its own needs. This system utilizes four stages to assess your business and identify the best way to accomplish your vision by resolving limitations, generating more leads, and bringing in revenue.


Bring transformation to your business through growth and increased revenue.  Unlike traditional consulting, this is not a list of do’s and don’ts. This is a system of exercises and templates that will work you through identifying challenges and opportunities and establishing a custom growth plan for your unique business. Request more information in the form above.

Team Training

We come on site to provide intensive training for your entire team. Once your plan is together, we can train your team to use the tools and systems needed to fulfill your action plan. Drawing from decades of experience we are able to provide intensive business training and provide high level coaching that works great for both small teams and large businesses.


As a business and leadership expert with 25 years of experience in retail banking, a College Business instructor, Director of Marketing, an author, and an International Speaker, Karen Conrad can teach and inspire a variety of audiences. She encourages and empowers her audiences by supplying them with tools and systems that they can start applying right away. Her messages are entertaining, inspiring, and practical.