Quite a few movies have been made and books have been written that address the subject of a multiverse. Without going into any quantum physics definitions, the multiverse concept is essentially a split that occurs when a choice is made. The idea is that one version of you stays in this dimension with one decision while another version of you, in another dimension, lives out the opposite decision. There is no biblical evidence in support of a multiverse and this is not a debate on the possibility of the multiverse being a reality. This is a discussion of the possible reasoning behind pursuing this train of thought. FOMO. FEAR of Missing Out. This IS a real thing and now has its own recognized abbreviation on social media and a bonafide dictionary definition. 

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This is an up-to-date and trending tactic by the enemy to bring fear into your life. It plays out as second guessing the decisions you make due to fear. The feeling that you either made the wrong decision or you will miss out on the “other” opportunity. It is impossible to fully live your life when you are second guessing every step along the way. If you have sought the Lord and made the best decision you know how to make–believe God when He promises to make all things work out for your good. 


Indecision brings confusion and misdirection. Second guessing brings distraction and lack of motivation. Nothing much gets done in the “multiverse” of the fear of missing out. Thankfully, the Word of God is full of wise counsel and direction and even a promise to make your mistakes turn out for your best. His grace is sufficient and cancels out FOMO before it beginsBe confident that you hear the voice of the Lord and that He will lead you on good paths toward success. Find out what the Word says and believe it. For more about living a life free from fear, click the link below. There are teaching materials, a video series, an audio player and more available for you. Don’t let FOMO be part of your decision-making process any longer.

Rejoicing in my decisions,

Karen Conrad

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