The Ignite Series

Are you looking for REAL RESULTS in your business or ministry? In Karen’s 3-part comprehensive Ignite Series,  Karen shares her templates, video teaching, workbooks, and audio teachings that equip you and your team to Ignite your Vision, Marketing and Results!

Make Your Vision a Reality.

Karen Conrad is a Marketing Expert with a special talent for interior design.

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7 Seconds

Your resource for DIY Home Staging

Seven Seconds

Gain practical steps and templates you can use to sell homes faster and for maximum profit… Without the extra remodeling.

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Ignite Series

Ignite Series

Learn how to reignite your vision and build a customized marketing plan that truly produces results.

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Business Growth

Building and implementing a plan to generate true growth in your organization does not have to be elusive. Utilizing tried and proven systems, Karen will lead you through real-life examples from your organization to train your team how to focus on and carry out activities that truly produce results. This system works regardless of whether you are a start-up, mature business, or ministry.

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Home Staging

Draw on Karen’s overwhelming success with staging homes to sell or create your dream living space. Instead of taking on expensive remodeling projects, you can use décor to stage a home in a way that draws attention away from negative features or towards its positive features. With a complete system of practical steps for home staging, Karen will train you how to sell your home faster with maximum profit and minimum investment.

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“It is duplicatable and it is measurable; when you stage
with Karen your homes sell quicker. “

Ted Byer

Directing Manager, Superior Home Solutions

Quick Tips

Mixing Textures

In this quick tip, Karen shares another of her favorite home staging secrets: mixing in a variety of textures within a room. Learn how to create high contrast for a designer look in your home with minimal time or investment.


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2018 WealthBuilders Conference Friday, February 23, 2018 - Sunday, February 25, 2018 Lone Tree, CO Learn More
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Make Your Vision a Reality

Whether it’s having a beautiful home for your family, building a successful business, or getting out of debt. Karen Conrad wants to bring the transformation you need by turning your dream into practical and achievable steps.