Have you read Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life? It has been a best seller for many years now and it came from God’s work in his life. My husband, Dave, had a chance to visit with John Maxwell one afternoon and he discovered that John writes a specific amount of time every day which then becomes book after book going on decades now. My book, The Promise of Purpose, came from the revelation I received about something God had been working in my life for as long as I can remember. When God showed me that He had created me for a unique purpose and gifted me to complete my purpose, I had to tell everyone I knew. It became the message I needed to talk about, teach about, and help others learn about. I had a book inside me, but I also realized, I AM A BOOK, made for everyone I meet to be able to read.

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You were made to be a living book, telling others about the work the Lord is doing in your life every day. You may not have lost a husband suddenly, plunging you into debilitating fear, but you have experienced the hand of God leading you through trials and guiding you through decisions. You have a book inside you and a testimony flowing out of you. Take a moment to think about the amazing work of God in your life and let it overflow from your heart into your relationships, your career and your dreams. God created you for a unique purpose and gave you the gifts to fulfill that purpose with success. Let your book shine out of you and see what happens.

With Purpose,

Karen Conrad

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