Are you ready to take advantage of the financial opportunities this year holds? Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or stay-at-home parent who wants to keep their eyes on the market, this episode of The WealthBuilders Podcast includes economic tips to help you thrive. You will learn how to protect your assets and see growth in your portfolio. In addition, Certified Financial Planner Chad Frantzen™ answers investment questions from the previous WealthBuilders Investments webinar.


Podcast Notes:

  • In the United States, mortgage rates generally follow 10-year bonds. If you want to know the potential trajectory of mortgage rates, the yield on 10-year bonds is a good indicator.
  • Successful investors periodically take an unemotional inventory of their portfolio stance. They examine their personal balance sheet regularly and understand their investment decisions.
  • My opinion is that investors shouldn’t be too heavily invested in the stock or bond markets this year.
  • Every investor should evaluate their objectives and time horizon.
  • For example, if you need a bucket of money in six months to purchase a property, you will treat that money differently than if you don’t need it for three years.

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Investment Questions Answered:

  • Can I have a personal IRA in addition to my employer IRA?
  • I have been surviving, but now I have $50,000 in savings. What can I do to start investing?
  • What is the difference between a health savings account and an HSA?
  • If you have over $100,000 in the bank, what percentage should you invest in hard assets?
  • Should I continue to fund a Roth IRA for my children?

 We hope you learned something of value from these shownotes and corresponding episode of the WealthBuilders Podcast. To have more of your investment questions answered, join us for The 2023 WealthBuilders Conference. Chad Frantzen, Karen Conrad, Billy Epperhart, and a panel of other expert speakers will teach you how to maximize the moment with your money this year.