Why Purpose Driven People Are Risk Takers

It became apparent to me that “loving money” is not a friend to someone looking to make money and be successful. It is instead, an enemy. There is a reason why purpose driven people are risk takers.

The reason I say this, is that building wealth requires intermittent or occasional risk on the part of the wealth builder. While I don’t believe in taking reckless risks, I am hard pressed to think of a successful entrepreneur that didn’t at one time or another take a substantial risk with the expectation or hope of a bigger payout.

I feel that risk takers probably have a healthier relationship with money, as their willingness to take a calculated risk demonstrates that they are willing to part with their money to achieve something greater….their God-given purpose.

Of course, being a risk taker is not strictly financial. Some of the greatest risks we take may be in the area of our character or integrity.

Are you willing to go against the crowd in order to stand up for something that is right? Are you okay rocking the boat in order to stop the spread of gossip or negativity in your organization?

It takes a strong person to do that, someone whose self –worth doesn’t hinge on his or her reputation or popularity.

“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.”
Proverbs 29:25

Do you see the parallel here? Someone who is not clenching their dollar bills has the potential to make big deals and profitable investments.

Someone with unshakeable integrity doesn’t need everyone in the office to like him or her; however, they are most often the people that rise to the top.

I think that there are two keys to being that person. First, is having a relationship with God. This is the most foundational and obviously the most important. Second, is knowing and living out your God-given purpose.

God’s purpose for you is not to be so driven to be rich that you spend your Saturdays counting your hundred dollar bills. And likewise, God’s purpose is not for you just to reach the top of the corporate ladder, or become a “big shot”.

God’s purpose is much greater than these; it is much greater than you! It’s not about just your life; it’s about His kingdom. And this is what allows you to be a remarkable, beautiful, risk taker.

When your eyes are on yourself, it often sounds something like this: “What will they think of me?”, or “What if I fail?” Be honest, are these the type of thoughts you are entertaining throughout your day? If so, you can start making a change today.

Instead of being self-focused, become God-focused. When your eyes are set on your amazing God-given purpose, there is no failure, there is no fear. But instead, there is boldness, determination, and a confidence that isn’t built on man’s opinion or earthly success, but instead built on God, and how He feels about you.

Remember, God’s purpose always comes with His grace. So go ahead, be a risk taker, and experience more than you ever dreamed possible.