With my trout in the cart, I started wheeling through aisles, looking for what else would work with my “one item.” I was on a mission, and on the lookout for good deals on fishing theme items. I spotted the 50% off signon the baskets, so headed to that row.  Yes!  I spotted a creole basket that would look great with my trout! Now I had the trout and the creole basket…what next? I envisioned myself fishing on the banks of the South Platte and saw walking through the tall weeds, so off I wheeled to the 40% off fall floral section and found artificial greens that looked just like those near the South Platte River.  It was all coming together beautifully!

Once I got home, I set out my trout, weeds and creole basket and started looking around to see what else I have that would go with my theme.  It is fun to shop in your own home, and I like the challenge of finding things I already have and incorporating them into new designs! (That’s actually what Redesigning is all about; my clients and I go shopping in their own home.) As I was looking through items in my basement, I found a small fishing pole that a friend had bought for us at a garage sale.  I also found a lantern I had tucked away, a small tray for the wine or sparkling water bottle, and a black burlap runner from my Karen Conrad Home Décor inventory that I thought would help pull it all together.  I dug out a bobber from my son’s tackle box to add color,added a rust berry vine around the creole, and placed a coordinating candle in the lantern to complete the centerpiece.  Yes!  The centerpiece was complete.

I added coordinating Karen Conrad Home Décor tableware for the finishing touch, and we were ready for a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship enjoying delicious trout and of course, the best fish stories that left smiles on everyone’s face.