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The 7-Second Home Staging System.

Let me teach you how to design your home


What Karen Does Best

The Look

Help you turn a sow’s ear of a house into a silk purse of a home.

Tips & tricks

Give you designer and contractor tricks and shortcuts to a beautiful home.

staging how-tos

Teach you to stage a home either for quick sale or for a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere.

Utilizing expertise in marketing, real estate and interior design, Karen has developed a system (7 Seconds Home Staging System) that specializes in selling real-estate listings, but can be used to upgrade any home, simply and inexpensively. Using decor and staging to emphasize the positive features of a house and minimize the negative features, this skilled approach reduces costs by avoiding high dollar remodeling projects. Karen’s system has experienced overwhelming success with real estate listings that have been on the market for 100 days or more resulting in countless homes going under contract in 6 days or less.

About Karen

As an entrepreneur she started and ran her own home staging business combined with a real estate business. She has been a guest on the Lifetime channel’s, Designing  Spaces, and has several home staging courses available for Continued Education.

Exclusive Content

Karen loves everything Home from decorating hacks to recipes for the best apple bread you have ever tasted. There are teaching series available in the shop to help you start a business or give a boost to one you already own.


Karen’s home staging book 7 Seconds and her video courses are excellent resources to get you started staging your home while saving thousands of dollars.


“It is duplicatable and it is measurable; when you stage with Karen your homes sell quicker.”

Ted Byer
Directing Manager, Superior Home Solutions


“I want to blast out that our house went under contract, and credit your fantastic staging efforts. YEAH! I know it was your touch that made this happen quickly and successfully.”


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