Lately the Lord has led Dave and me to search out what the Word says about blessing and increase. This may not seem like the right time to talk about increase when so many people are struggling just to keep up. The fact is, in today’s world there is a very real financial and economic fear causing people to hold back and wait for a more stable time or stable market or a change in circumstances. However, during our study we felt the Lord saying just the opposite: This is a time for opportunity.

“Increase is coming, so enlarge your tent and add extensions to your dwelling. Hold nothing back! Make the tent ropes longer and the pegs stronger.” Isaiah 54:2 TPT

I love how this scripture encourages us to prepare for increase and to begin  thinking about opportunities even during difficult times. In Genesis 26, God told Isaac to stay and sow seed in spite of a famine in the land and Isaac reaped one hundred fold. In the Gospels, I have often wondered if Peter had been prepared with more nets, would he have been able to haul in the whole catch the Lord brought him that day? (John 21:4-7). What is the Lord prompting you to prepare for? Are you believing for increase? What opportunities are presenting themselves today?

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Believing for Increase

Karen and Dave


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