In this week’s episode of the Vision To Reality series The Promise of Purpose, we begin to look into Chapter 1: You Were Made For a Purpose. You may already know that purpose is the key to success, but do you know what purpose is and where it comes from? Do you know God created you with a purpose as unique as your fingerprints? And that He gave you the gifts and talents you would need to accomplish it? He certainly did! 

‘We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it!’ Ephesians 2:10 TPT

God wanted to show off His workmanship, so He created you and put a purpose in you that is beautiful, unique, and full of promise for His Kingdom. You have the opportunity to partner with God to fulfill the purpose you were created for and to see every gift He has given you be valued to its fullest potential. You were not created to simply be part of a crowd. You were created to be unique from your head to your toes and everything in between. You are His masterpiece.

Uniquely yours,

Karen Conrad


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