We live in a world that seems to be in a constant state of flux, but we serve a God who is faithful and solid and true. When the news is chaotic and conflicting, Dave and I have learned to tune out the news of the world and focus on the Good News of the Word of God. There is a way to remain informed without allowing ourselves to become inundated with hopelessness and helplessness. We filter everything we hear through the Word and allow His promises to take the highest place in our thoughts.

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Fear does not come from God and you have no obligation to allow it to become a part of your thought processes. On the contrary, you have what you need to remove fear from your thoughts. His promises include power and love and a sound mind. These have already been given and are yours to wield as weapons against the schemes of the enemy to place fear and doubt in your mind. Don’t allow fear to crowd out the Word in your mind but fill your mind with the Word of God and meditate on it daily. Fear is defeated already.

Fear Not,

Karen Conrad

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