BUNDLE: INSTANT ACCESS Taking the Limits Off Videos & 15 Days to Success Devotional


Taking the Limits Off

We oftentimes put limits within or upon ourselves, that we are not even aware of. Karen takes us through her series, Taking the Limits Off, and shares how to break through the glass ceiling that limits us, and receive God’s best in every area of our lives. 8-part teaching series. Purchase provides instant access to 8 teaching videos, downloadable study guide, PowerPoint PDF, and notes.

Keys to Success 15 Day Devotional Download

Principles for success whether personal or business related can ultimately be traced back to the Bible. You will find God is very invested in your success and He provides you with all the tools, talents and grace you need. In my more than 30 years of business/ministry experience I have collected a few practical pieces of wisdom from His Word.  These are things you deal with on a daily basis.  In business terms, they are best practices for fulfilling your purpose.