Karen Conrad is a business entrepreneur whose passion is in producing “results that speak” for her businesses and others’, specializing in bringing to life what others thought was dead, stagnant or just couldn’t get off the ground. With over 28 years of executive experience and successful business entrepreneurship, Karen is capitalizing on her vision to see others prosper in the business realm.

A well-sought after business executive, Karen looks for potential and opportunity; seizes it by applying the right systems and strategies; benefits from results produced; and sees multiplication in results through the systems that go to work for her. In furthering her vision to see others prosper in the business realm, Karen proves her methods first by achieving success herself; develops systems and strategies to run on; and shows others how to apply them to their businesses. Karen trains business owners, corporate teams and executives at home and on the international front to produce “results that speak” for their businesses.

Karen is owner of karenconrad.net, business systems and strategies company; KarenConradHome, real estate systems and strategies company; Marketing Director at Andrew Wommack Ministries; and certified instructor for DORA, training real estate agents how to produce results in the home selling arena. With two tie-breaking homes going under contract in 6 days—many houses (300K to million dollar properties) selling a month after applying her systems after previously being on the market for a year or more, Karen’s results speak for themselves.

Companies who have embraced her work include Macy’s Furniture Gallery, Mid Country Bank, Keller Williams and Andrew Wommack Ministries.

Karen is a mom, executive, entrepreneur and influencer of many, and will grow to see more transformation in the lives she touches.

Karen Conrad

Make Your Vision a Reality

Whether it’s having a beautiful home for your family, building a successful business, or getting out of debt. Karen Conrad wants to bring the transformation you need by turning your dream into practical and achievable steps.

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